The 10 best PPC blogs, in my opinion, I understand that you will miss one or when you read the article you will say: does this page really include it in its top? Well… I’m sorry to disappoint you if that’s the case, but these are the blogs I usually read every day to help me progress in my work and keep up to date in this world as dynamic and changing as Google Ads.

We have already written several posts about PPC on our website to keep it updated. In addition, there are also some blog articles which can help you create campaigns among others. All of them step by step.

Those of us in the CFP sector like to be up-to-date and up to date. It’s like following fashion. So each of us on our Twitter follow several professionals, then on LinkedIn we do the same. But just like every morning we go into the digital newspapers and social networks where we follow this kind of people who upload PPC-related content.

We also follow a number of blogs, which are the most active and leading in this cost-per-click issue. I imagine that many of the posts I am going to mention will be followed and with some you will get some surprises. Or if you are one of those who do not follow any, you are in luck because you have a lot of quality content on Google Ads and a little bit of everything that involves it.

So this list doesn’t mean that the first one is the best PPC blog and the tenth one is the worst. The order is random.

What I do tell you beforehand is that there is a medley between Spanish and English-speaking blogs. The vast majority of the latter. When I started at AdKonversion my partner Lio told me: if you want to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing you have to follow English speaking blogs. And that’s how it’s been until today, except that there are very good Spanish blogs that deserve to be read. So: follow the advice.

1 – KlientBoost

KlientBoost - PPC Management, Paid Social, & CRO Experts

Mentioning the words that Lio told me; he also recommended this blog to me.

The blog is focused on PPC and also on CRO. And they also relate to these two marketing methods, themes that complement him as may be topics of Google Analytics or retargeting.

These Californians write some very easy to read posts and with a very close language that makes their reading more fun.

I know I said I’m not going to list this listing any better or worse but this PPC blog would be in my top 3.

2 – Google Ads Community

Google Ads Community

How many times have we had a mistake in Google Ads that we do not know, or simply something that we did not know and we have chosen to google and the first positions have appeared to us were those of the Google Ads help community.

This page, from Google, is a mixture of blog and forum. Many of the advertisers, with great experience in the sector, upload articles on topics of interest and also, in the purest Yahoo! style, you as an advertiser you can raise a problem or doubt that has arisen and the community will try to help you based on their experience in relation to the subject.

It’s a great site to solve quick and not-so-quick questions.

3 – BlueCaribu

Grow your business with Google" - BlueCaribu

Leaving aside the English-speaking PPC blogs, I present this Spanish blog.

When I have ever done a search on some general topic of Google Ads, and in some cases more specific. I’ve been known to get some of these people’s posts.

The times I’ve read some of their publications I’ve been left with their quick and easy reading (by this I mean they don’t beat around the bush). And for his good understanding of the subject, which has resolved the doubts I had before entering to read the post.

4 – Search Engine Journal

SEJ Press Materials - Search Engine Journal

A classic blog on SEO and SEM. It has a specific section for each of these two branches of digital marketing.

I usually go in to read the PPC. However, there are some days that I have gone through the SEO section out of curiosity and I must say that they are better than the PPC ones and have many more subcategories than the SEO ones

5 – Search Engine Land

Welcome To Search Engine Land!

We could be in front of one of the best PPC blogs in the world about digital marketing (focusing on SEO and SEM and everything that revolves around these two topics).

What I like best about them is that they have a specific Google section. In which they talk about all the tools that Google has and having a special category for Shopping and Ads.

6 – Search Engine Watch

Homepage - Search Engine Watch

Following for bingo with the Search Engine here I present you another PPC blog that would be within that personal top 3.

This post would have some similarity with the previous ones; one section for SEO and another for PPC. Meanwhile, they also have a section for Analytics, Development and other topics of interest within the digital marketing industry.

7 – Nivel de Calidad

Consultor Adwords & Agencia de Marketing Online Alicante - Daniel ...

Our neighbours in Alicante; Quality Level, have a very good PPC blog.

Besides the typical posts you can find in many other blogs. These people upload posts with a very original content and as I call it: they talk about those little things that are inside Google Ads that you should know if or if to improve your account.

8 – PPC Hero

PPC Hero | Facebook

The blog of the successful agency Hanapin Marketing. I didn’t know them much until during the confinement. In those long mornings and afternoons of training I ended up reading one of their articles that I liked so much that it made me read some more about them.

I really like your posts because they are clear and concise. I highly recommend these, they’re from my top. If you want to be up to date: this is the panacea of PPC blogs.

9 – Rocket ROI

Rocket Roi - ARISTOS Innovation Consulting

I know you were missing some Spanish PPC blog. Well, here you have the Catalans from Rocket ROI.

They generate good content related to social ads and PPC. The only thing I miss, unlike other blogs, is that they don’t have segmented themes in their posts.

10 – WordStream

WordStream Vector Logo | Free Download - (.SVG + .PNG) format ...

Another English-speaking PPC blog but one that I would also include in my top.

They do things very well, so well that they have a PPC University. This paid media university is classified by blocks of levels and they all look really good.

The posts they upload are usually up to date with all the news on Google Ads.

This, in my humble opinion, would be the 10 PPC blogs that I would recommend to anyone in the industry to follow and keep updated on an ongoing basis. Although it is also perfect for those who want to get started in the world of Google Ads.

Within these blogs there are posts of all types and levels of complexity. Since there will be some who are very basics such as some guides to get started on Google Shopping, to how to set up some A/B tests on Google Ads. blog can also help you stay up to date on the latest hot topics related to Google Ads, Google Analyitics, CRO, Facebook Ads, among others.


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