Success story

They have perfectly understood our business and our needs. We are happy with the result we are getting. Their involvement and team professionalism has provided us with both technical and strategic solutions.


Management Team

Maria Pascual, the influencers’ favorite brand


Maria Pascual is a young Catalan designer and entrepreneur who leads the jewellery sector with her jewelry brand. They define her as the “favorite brand of influencers” as she has the confidence of numerous famous girls on Instagram.

“Ours has been completely organic. We have been dubbed the favorite brand of influencers and people immediately assume that we pay for them to wear our jewelry, but they don’t get paid. Each and every one of the girls who have made Maria Pascual a reference brand on Instagram identified with our philosophy from the first moment and have been growing up with me, that I started from scratch selling in markets and back and forth”source.

The young Barcelona company wanted to expand and diversify its market thanks to the potential offered by social media advertising.

Maria-Pascual needed a trusted partner to manage its social media advertising campaigns, and to propose solutions to optimize its conversion rate.



Advertising on Instagram & Facebook

The notable presence of the Maria-Pascual brand on Instagram (+238,000 followers) gave us the natural environment to manage advertising campaigns on both Instagram and Facebook.

While controlling monthly advertising spend at agreed levels, we have been able to manage sales and branding-oriented actions in the domestic market, as well as branding campaigns in several countries.

In order to optimize campaign performance and manage both sales-oriented campaigns and brand growth-oriented campaigns, we create more than 40 custom audiences.

Conversion Optimization

Before we can propose solutions to improve the conversion rate, our team is in charge of a CRO audit. After we audit your Google Analytics account and make the necessary changes to get trusted data, we start with the CRO analysis phase itself.

From surveys of buyers and visitors, to recordings of sessions, heat maps and heuristic analysis, we were able to propose changes to improve the conversion rate and usability of the page.

Automated emailing

Emailing campaigns can be interpreted as annoying if we don’t consider customers in all respects. However, many customers want to receive emails with offers or exclusivity.

In the field of ecommerce, we can automate certain emailing campaigns, without disturbing customers.

Our team collaborated with Maria-Pascual’s team to launch automated emailing campaigns, in several languages and for various specific situations.


The project is still active and we can highlight:

• Earning additional revenue through automated emailing campaigns

• Improved overall conversion rate

• Increased sales

• Profitable campaigns with a high ROAS.

Improved page usability as a result of CRO auditing

Trust us today to manage your campaigns.