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Ads on Facebook

Grow your business with Facebook ads.

With more than 40 minutes per day per user, Facebook is definitely the platform to find new customers.


We offer…


Dynamic Campaigns

Dynamic campaigns based on your inventory to gain relevance. We take care of synchronizing your catalog with Facebook’s advertising network.


Shopping Campaigns

Maximize your impact with the visibility of your products in image search.


Don’t miss a sale, offer the products that really interest your customers.

Attribution model

We apply the attribution model best suited to your particularities.

Facebook campaign management

Grow your business with Facebook ads.

With more than 40 minutes per day per user, Facebook is definitely the platform to find new customers.

Develop your reputation, generate leads, sell online. Facebook allows you to reach your future customers at all stages of their shopping journey.

1. Definition of the ad strategy on Facebook

The first step is to discover your business and your goals. Who are your customers? How do you surf the Internet? Where are they looking for information? What is your maximum CPA and your target turnover? Do we want to sell? Do we want to do branding? Have you managed campaigns before? Once we have the answers to those questions, our team develops a social acquisition strategy that will be tested and optimized in the weeks to come. DEFINITION OF YOUR AUDIENCE We create well-targeted campaigns to more accurately measure your performance. CREATING YOUR LANDING PAGE If necessary, we create for you the ideal landing page for your business to maximize your conversion possibilities. PIXEL INSTALLATION Before you start advertising campaigns on Facebook, you have to proceed to install a pixel on your pages.

2. Get the best-qualified traffic

To measure the quality of traffic on Facebook, we focus on the measuring of indicators that really impact your results.

Therefore, we define microconversions that measure behavior and therefore traffic quality.

  • Conversion rate
  • Engagement rate
  • CTR Rate (Click through rate)
  • Cost per sale
  • Cost per lead

3. Continuous improvement and optimization

Once we have enough data, we can focus on optimizing your Facebook campaigns. The best performing campaigns will be able to receive a greater investment, the texts and / or images with low performance will be changed.

In addition, we will be able to manage a conversion optimization campaign with quantitative and qualitative analysis of the behaviour of your traffic on your website.

Why work with us?

We work with ambitious and intelligent companies that want to grow quickly and maximize their profits.

If you’re looking for smart, efficient and measurable strategies, understand that generating traffic is just the tip of the iceberg and that web marketing is an investment, then you’re in the right place.

Fair prices

Our fees adapt to your particular conditions.

Everything belongs to you

From campaign data, to designs and reports, everything belongs to you. You will always have them at your disposal.

Quality traffic

We optimize your campaigns to get the best results. Your investments will focus on maximizing your income.

Custom reports

We provide you with complete reports of your PPC campaigns.


Our team manages actions in Spanish, French and English.


We’ll use these tools to grow your business: Analytics, surveys, landing pages, heat maps, pop-ups, copywriting.

Continuous training

We dedicate an average of 1,000 euros per year in the training of each member of our team. We always learn.

Limited availability

We guarantee the quality of our services by limiting to 4 the number of clients per account manager.

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