Branding campaigns on Google Ads are becoming mandatory on many advertisers’ accounts for a variety of reasons (which we will discuss later). So if you are considering doing or not doing branding campaigns on your account this is a post you should take into account.

Is there a need for branding campaigns?

First of all, I’m sure you’ve wondered the need to pay to position my brand when I have a good SEO. Especially if you have been a client of a digital marketing agency and have been proposed this type of campaign.

However, these campaigns are very typical in sectors such as hotels or with the most recognized brands where various marketplaces bid for the keyword of the brand in question. For example, one hotel, organically, appears first, while by way of payment, two or three other competitors appear.

So at AdKonversion we recommend that you have 100% control over your brand.

These campaigns should be done if or because they have a good performance, their costs are cheaper, they help you to position and also attract quality trafficand this traffic you attract to the destination page that suits you best. So every time someone does a trademark search we show up.

The chosen keywords can be of our brand alone or include to the brand keyword the products we sell or the category of products.

They’ll tell you it’s competition with SEO

It is true that we compete against the SEO of our own online store with Google Ads branded campaigns.

The one that has worked so hard for us to get to the first position. Now is when the questions may arise whether the organic positioning is not enough that I have to create paid campaigns, which will cost me money, to further strengthen my positioning.

But after all the hard work you’ve put into SEO, why shouldn’t you protect your brand?

That is, if you have worked so hard to get there and you see that someone with a simple Google Ads campaign overlaps with your organic positioning. Hopefully it will be only search and not have any Shopping that also overlaps with search.

Anyway, knowing this, it wouldn’t hurt to do a campaign of this kind and avoid losing quality traffic. Since this one, he’s really interested in your brand.

google ads brand campaigns
Someone seems to have it figured out

The result you will achieve with this type of campaign is that you will appear in all the searches carried out with your brand. That you have the first position in an organic way, and as a form of payment.

Since you are the owner of the brand, you have many advantages at first sight. The relationship of your ecommerce with this keyword is much bigger than the others (you own it for a reason). This is why your quality level, for Google Ads, is much higher than that of your competitors.

In order for you to understand well the quality level is that it refers to the experience of the users, that when they have done the keyword search for your brand and visited you, their experience has been much better than the others. And the better the quality, the better the cost per click (CPC).

When do I do this kind of campaign?

You can do them right away and protect your brand from then on. But then again, not everyone is in favour of this.

On the other hand, those who are not from the beginning are when a competitor enters and bids on your brand. It’s meant to eat up some of your traffic. That’s the time when you have to get in the game if or when.

They’re taking away some of your market share!

Although, if you have been bidding for your brand for a long time, because you are one of the supporters, you will still get much more advantage from this situation. Google loves who has the most data and has been at it the longest. As long as you’ve got good results, of course.

What advantages do I get with branded campaigns?

There are many advantages that you can obtain with Google Ads branded campaigns. The truth is that the advantages obtained with this type of campaign are interesting.

CPCs are going down

Yeah, I’m not lying to you. CPCs tend to go down for a key reason: you own the brand and so does Google.

In addition your Quality Level in relation to this keyword is much higher than the others due to the same reasons as before. So compared to other competitors as you are the owner your CPC is going to be much lower than the others.

Brand protection

I mentioned before that SEO is very laborious and you and your team have been working a long time to position the different products/services you sell. So that when they look for these they can find you in the first position of organic search.

But one of your distributors starts bidding on your brand and unfortunately you no longer appear in the first position (as the paid ad is above the organic one). At this point you will have to protect your brand. Although there are those who do it from the beginning to reinforce this. It’s already a free choice.

Increase your visibility

In the end, what you’re doing is gaining more of the pie and you’re showing up more times than others in the various searches.

Controlling the message

You cancontrol all the details you want to convey in the form of a message in the copys of your ads.

Google Ads gives you a lot of customization, you can configure the slug that you like or suits your ad. The titles put the one you want, as well as the descriptions or site extensions.

Lodi takes this opportunity to announce its new collection

Direct your client where you want

Normally, when you click on your organic rankings these links will be automatically generated by Google. Whereas, if you create ads you will be able to choose where to direct your paying traffic. It can be useful to implement new landing pages.

Nike offers 2 options (Woman / Man)

Warm clients

Different studies state that when a person looks for a brand it is because his probabilities of making a purchase are higher. In fact, the campaigns that we have of branding present a very low cost/conversion and a very high conversion rate.

Opportunity to work on your brand’s long tail

You can go a step further and work a little on your keywords to decipher which searches they do as well as appearing for all the searches you do and improve your visibility against your brand competitors. And… say goodbye to “Not provided”!

And… what are the disadvantages?

As in everything; there is always some disadvantage or some point that you have to take into account to try to minimize it so that you can take advantage of all the advantages.

Overlap your SEO traffic

You have to analyze well that the traffic that comes in through the payment channel does not eat the organic one. Because in this case you’ll be spending budget on something you didn’t need to spend.

So you always have to review and analyze the data in great detail. Google Analytics must be your great ally.

Agreements with your customers

You can be in the case that you have signed an agreement with the marketplaces you work with so that only they bid for your brand and you settle for organic traffic. Then you must forget about this.

Not having enough budget

In the end, having one more campaign means investing more or diversifying your investment.

If you are competing against your competition, you will need to have a sufficient budget to be able to cope with them. Having several competitors who want to eat the cake makes CPCs more expensive.

In short, Google Ads brand campaigns are for when the competition is bidding on your keywords or when your brand’s own distributors are bidding on it. Not to mention that in the tourism sector it is very common that, at first, people bid on the keyword of the hotel name in order to compete against the specialized hotel reservation pages… The world of Google Hotel Ads is very complex, if you are a hotel owner this post might interest you.


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