Live broadcasts on Instagram, known as Instagram Live, have become a great tool for generating engagement with your audience and gaining new followers.

More and more brands are turning to these live videos to communicate with their fans, talk about their products, or simply offer complementary services with which to build a long-term relationship with their consumers.

Here we can see@thebeautymail on an Instagram Live talking to his followers about cosmetic tips. At this time of the live there were 559 people watching this Live.

Especially in the times we are living due to Covid-19, it is extremely important that consumers see in the brands, not only an interest for immediate sale, but also an interest on the part of the brand that the consumer is well during the confinement in his house, the possibility of creating a long term relationship in which the consumer bears in mind that this brand helped him to spend the long days at home, in short to improve his positioning against the competition. Translated with (free version)

Instagram Live allows people watching the live show to send you their comments or questions live, giving you full interaction with your audience.

The restaurant in Alicante El Portal Taberna is taking the opportunity to share the recipes of its dishes with its followers and in this way promote its web of food at home

Another advantage is that our Instagram Live will be on our Stories for 24 hours, so that audiences who have not been able to connect live will be able to watch it for the next 24 hours.

We will also be able to save it on our IGTV (Instagram TV), so our users will be able to watch it at any time. In this post we will explain the process to save our Live at IGTV.

Ideas to do on your Instagram Live

-Maintain contact with your clients and followers, despite having your business closed.

If you have a restaurant and can’t open right now, why not make your recipes from home, to keep your fans connected?

Dabiz Muñoz, owner of Diverxo is offering his recipes through Instagram Live. Then he keeps them at IGTV so that we can consult them as if they were a recipe book ( and go recipe book…)

-Offer entertainment to your customers

In this case the Korean cosmetic brand USU Cosmetics, has decided together with Masqi, a reference hotel in wellness and yoga practice, to do a yoga session to help their followers feel better.

-Question and answer session

The influencers Aida Domenech and Anabel Pantoja, in a question and answer session


You can use your Instagram Live to invite your users to online trainings, like the cosmetics brand Sesderma

Before, during and after Instagram Live

Despite being a communication in which the predominant note must be naturalness, we must prepare our broadcast in advance so that the image that our users perceive of our brand is the best possible.

Here are some tips to prepare before starting our Instagram Live. Some will seem obvious, but they are the ones we sometimes neglect the most, and they can ruin our broadcast:

Before Instagram Live

Here are some tips to prepare before starting our Instagram Live. Some will seem obvious, but they are the ones we sometimes neglect the most, and they can ruin our broadcast:

-Make adjustments to your settings.

Instagram Live settings
Here we can see how to get into the configuration
Save live
Values you can change within the settings

*Remember to check the save boxes if you want to save the Live in your gallery and in the file.

*Activate the option to share the video through your Facebook account, so you can reach more people with the same action

From here you can set things like, hide playback from certain people, if you want to allow responses, if you want to save the recording in your Instagram account and/or in your device’s gallery or who can share your Instagram Live.

You can also include filters from the face symbol at the bottom right.

-Try to schedule your Lives when your audience is most active.

It’s not always possible, but if you want to reach the maximum audience possible, try to schedule the Lives when your audience is most active.

If within the account, you go to statistics you can see the days and hours when your audience is most active.

Statistics view by days of the week
View statistics by hours

In this case we can see that the best days would be Thursday or Friday, between 15:00 and 22:00

You can also work with tools that show you more detailed analysis of your account such as, or


Please note that the transmission can take a maximum of 60 minutes.

-Internet connection.

It is of utmost importance that we check that our connection is as good as possible, to avoid the dreaded cuts, which will cause people watching the live show to leave the broadcast early, thus reducing the engagement we could have had with this potential client.

-Broadcast space

In this case it will depend on the image of the brand and the message we want to give to our audience. If it is going to be a live show in which we want to present some product, do a Q&A session, or simply offer a Yoga class to our users, the best thing will be to prepare the space from where we are going to broadcast, have good lighting, avoid distractions and not be interrupted during the broadcast.

If, on the contrary, we want to make a more informal or improvised live show, we simply have to take our phone and broadcast from our home, on the street, from the office or the subway station.

Both formats are valid, and there are even brands that use both depending on the moment.

-Mobile battery

As absurd as it may seem, it is a shame to have to stop a broadcast, because it drains the battery of our mobile.

-Broadcast on your channels

If you want to get the maximum of your audience to see your Instagram Live, you have to broadcast it through your channels the days before. You can use Instagram and Facebook Stories, post on your walls, send email reminders to your subscription list.

If you decide to use Instagram Stories, you can include a countdown to get your fans’ attention.

*Tip. Advise your followers to set the alarm at the end of the countdown, so that they are alerted when Live starts.

-Dissemination through advertising campaigns.

If you want to give maximum exposure to your live show, you can think about scheduling an advertising campaign on the same platform as Facebook/Instagram. For example, if you are a food brand and you are going to prepare a live recipe with a renowned chef, why not campaign to an audience that has shown interest in Recipes

-Facilitate interaction with your followers

If you want to interact with your followers, it’s best to connect your phone to an external display or computer, to view messages more easily.

During Instagram Live

Start streaming

Hit the transmit button and you’re online.

Record Live
It’s time to start Live

If you’ve scheduled the live show for a certain time, give your fans a few minutes to join in. In these minutes you can take the opportunity to explain what the Live will consist of and ask the followers who have connected if they hear and see you well.

Invite a friend, partner or follower

Instagram gives you the possibility to invite someone to share your Live and thus offer a conversation to your audience.

You can also invite a follower, to interact with them and for example ask them what they think of the Live experience.

Instagram Live Guest together with @farmaciayolandapontes solving some pharmaceutical doubts.

Share and answer some questions

Interact with your audience, to generate interest in the live show and keep people connected for as long as possible.

You can simply answer the questions you see in the comments, or share some of the questions through the “?

-Share some image or video

You may want to share some image or video with your audience, and Instagram allows you to do so through the icon just below right.

-It’s about time to finish

When you’re done, hit the end button at the top right and confirm

We terminate the Live

After Live

Did you think you were done? There are still some super interesting things left to improve your results

Once you have finished the transmission, you can save your broadcast in your Stories for 24 hours and you can also save the recording in your reel (Iphone) or gallery (Android).

Please note that the video will be recorded without comments or likes.

Instagram Live completed
Save and share

What can you do with this video?

-Upload it to your IGTV so that your followers can consult it at any time.

-Edit it to share it through your Instagram Stories or your Feed.

-Promote it through advertising on Facebook or Instagram ads This type of video can help you with audiences that already know you to reaffirm your brand image, but above all with audiences that do not yet know your brand, since you will show them in a very natural way who you are and what services or products you can offer them.


Adkonversion encourages you to complement your social media strategy with Instagram Live.

  • You’ll increase your engagement.
  • You will be able to interact with your customers and know their opinions.
  • This content will help you to expand your audience through Instagram Ads.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team.


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