Organize the most visible part: your home page

Your home page is usually the first experience with your brand that your customers have when they visit your site. Therefore, you must make sure that everything they need is visible:

  • Your logo
  • Your value proposition
  • Menu with basic elements
  • Highly visible search feature
  • Contact details (mail and phone)

Most real estate agency sites have an image with excellent resolution on their home page, often a very nice image of some property for sale.

Change this image regularly, but don’t forget to do A/B tests and optimize the weight of your images.

If you have just obtained the exclusivity of an exceptional property and have excellent photos, publish it there.

Avoid sliding carousels unless you have important content to present. They were in vogue a few years ago, but many A/B tests have shown them to be troublesome and ineffective in improving conversion.

Prioritizing mobiles

If you still don’t have a perfect version of your mobile website, it’s something you need to solve now.

Why adapt your site to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?

Here are 2 undisputed reasons:

  1. Mobile device users now represent over 50% of a site’s visitors, mobile device usage explodes! Recent studies show that mobile traffic reaches up to 60% of Internet users on weekends.
  2. Google degrades websites that are not suitable for mobile devices.

Do you want to know if your website is optimized for mobile traffic? Google offers you a quite interesting free tool:

Offer a powerful internal search engine

By analysing the search data in your Google Analytics account, you’ll most likely see that visitors who use your search engine tend to have a higher conversion rate. If I don’t, you have a problem to solve.

Your search engine should allow your users to search and filter according to their needs.

real estate conversion
Search Engine for Engel & Völkers.

Real estate marketing: Use a contact form on all pages.

This technique should be implemented as soon as your site is available to your customers. This is the most common and most effective way to get prospects.

In addition, you can establish statistics about which page is effective in encouraging your visitors to contact you.

This practice also helps establish consistency across your pages, and consistency is extremely important in terms of design or user experience. By offering a similar experience on all your pages, you manage to reduce the friction that often distracts from conversion.

Real estate marketing – Elegance and efficiency

Highlight your customers’ positive testimonials

About 90% of consumers read customer reviews before buying. In the classic shopping experience, reviews are almost as important as price comparisons. Reviews help a lot with establishing trust.

Certainly, in the real estate sector, it is especially the good product that makes the difference for the buyer. But obtaining exclusive promotion is increasingly difficult; this is where the customer’s opinion can make the difference.

Are you sure that every visitor will be able to give a positive opinion about the quality of your agency?

Also, not all customers come to your site directly through your home page. From SEO traffic, to ads, to shared links on social networks, a potential client is likely to come directly to one of your property listings.

Introduce your agency team with photos and a biography

Sites with pictures of real people have a very good conversion.

Take the time to take pictures of your team and create an “Our Team” section or include them on your “About Us” or “Our Agency” page. Maintain a certain consistency in these photos, order them from a professional.

Talk about her specialty, her role in your agency and you can even add a personal touch to strengthen the human side.

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Get pre-qualified sales opportunities to your website

In digital marketing, there is a golden rule: A customer is first and foremost a visitor who knows what he wants.

To better understand this idea, imagine a simple situation. A company that sells barbecues launches its own marketing strategy, but does not do any analytical work. As a result, of the thousands of visitors to your website, there are many people who do not have a garden, who already have a barbecue and are very happy with it, have never wanted to buy a barbecue, do not like grilled meat, etc.

Consequence: 90% of site visitors are not interested in contacting this company.

For your digital marketing strategy for real estate to be effective, you must start by defining the profiles of the users who may need your agency’s services. With their profile data you can decide where to publish your ads, how to present your products and set your advertising budgets.

Increase the conversion of your real estate agency by improving loading times

When we talk about improving the experience of our users, we must also consider the loading speed of the web pages.

The statistics in this regard are scary. Some studies mention that 33% of Internet users leave a website when a page takes more than 7 seconds to appear. And the slower a website is, the less time users will spend on it.

speed matters

Therefore, it is best to ensure that your agency’s pages are displayed correctly, quickly and without slowing down. Several techniques make it possible to ensure this (ask your digital agency or your website provider). Don’t forget to make sure your pages are effective on both computers and mobile devices.

This will help improve the user experience, thus increasing your real estate conversion rate.

Use quality CTA

Call to action (CTAs) are buttons on web pages that encourage users to click on them.

You know that this is a crucial solution to increase your real estate conversion rate, from an inbound marketing perspective.

But did you know that the placement of a CTA can have a big impact on its effectiveness?

Lost, your button can go completely unnoticed. Users are also used to ignore advertising banners (Banner Blindness) and everything that resembles them, to preserve their reading comfort.

The solution ? Prioritize the “text” of the CTAs, in written form instead of images, and place them in the center of your content. According to a Hubspot study, 93% of CTAs of this type generate leads, compared to only 6% of conventional CTAs.

And don’t forget that your real estate agency conversion rate also depends largely on the quality and relevance of the landing pages: these pages to which the user is sent when he clicks on a CTA.

CTAs - Real Estate Marketing
source: wishpond

Real Estate Marketing: Does your real estate agency use the latest technologies?

From Video 360 °, Virtual Tours, Aerial shots, 3D interactive maps, you have several very effective tools to enhance your real estate agency.

Real estate marketing
Virtual Reality

Taking care of leads

All the users who sign up on your site have value; selling a house or an apartment is not easy and sometimes it takes months before a sale is concluded.

You can’t leave out those profiles that left you their data and didn’t buy you. Organize your database, segment your contacts, regularly give high-value content to your users. Little by little they will see you as a reliable partner and they will count on you when they need you.

Creating valuable content means helping your customers. What do your customers need? If you manage to resolve their fears, you’ll be very close to your goal.

If you handle a high volume of contacts, you can try tools like Realvolve, PropertyBase or other CRMs that allow you to effectively track your contacts.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help for your Digital Marketing!

If, despite the explanations on this page and on our website in general, you feel a little lost or want more information on real estate marketing, do not hesitate to contact us.

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