Finding the right agency to manage your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google can be overwhelming. A Google search for “google ads agency” returns 6,330 results…

Surely every agency has its strengths and specialties. Some agencies focus on Google ads. Some focus on content marketing and/or SEO. And others focus on website design or lead management. There are many facets to digital marketing, and it can be difficult to know what you need.

A trusted digital marketing agency allows you to reach your target audience in a cost-effective and professional way. In other words, what you are looking for in your digital agency is that its actions result in sales.

“Never let your campaign write checks that you website can’t cash”

Avinash Kaushik

What is the PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model that allows sellers to place ads on an ad platform and pay the owner of that platform each time the ad is clicked.

The goal of a PPC ad is to make the person who sees it click to visit the advertiser’s site and (as far as possible) complete a beneficial action, such as buying a product.

Search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo) are incredibly popular advertising platforms. They allow you to display ads relevant to what users are looking for.

Advertising services such as Google Ads and Bing Ads operate with real-time bidding (RTB), where advertising inventory is sold in a private automated auction using real-time data.

Are you investing your marketing budget effectively?

Unlike 100% PPC campaigns, when your digital advertising campaigns are accompanied by a CRO, your investment is smarter. To find out why, let’s first talk about CRO (Conversion Optimization).

Throwing money

What is CRO?

CRO is the English acronym for “Conversion Rate Optimization”. CRO is the set of techniques used to cost-effectively and sustainably improve a website’s conversion rate.

In fact, you need to know that optimizing the conversion rate on your site can’t be improvised. It requires specific skills in various fields of marketing to achieve your goals. It can be applied to both lead generation and ecommerce.

Focus on the metrics that count: ROI and CPA

CTR? Bounce? Time on the page? Pages viewed? Likes? Sessions? Events? …there are many metrics, not all of which have the same importance and impact on your results.

When you spend money on marketing, the ROI (return on investment) is, of course, very important. Marketing agencies that have the CRO in their DNA understand this concept very well. By optimizing your campaigns, they will focus on the right metrics that align with your results.

It won’t matter how much money you spend on your campaigns; whether it’s €10,000 or €100,000, there will always be that indicator that ensures things are on track.

On the other hand, when applying CRO processes and culture, we will see that it is not always necessary to increase advertising expenses in order to obtain better results.

The PPC agency will focus on creating campaigns and ads that will be continuously improved while having a realistic budget. A higher conversion rate equals a lower cost per acquisition (CPA). More low-cost conversions mean increased lead generation or the same amount of spending, which should translate into increased ROI.

Unlike other less focused CFP agencies, CRO-driven CFP experts will focus on generating conversions and revenue.

Better experience for your customers

You can get all the traffic in the world to your site, but if it’s broken, if your users get frustrated, if it’s hard to navigate, you’ll end up losing money on top of lost sales or leads.

When you try to increase conversions, don’t assume you need to increase your paid search traffic to do so. Instead of increasing your spending on PPC campaigns, you can use a CRO process to improve the conversion rate of the traffic you are already sending to the site.

By improving the conversion rate, you will also improve your customers’ experience. In many cases, the changes made thanks to the CRO have a direct effect on your users’ experience with the site.

You will learn a lot about your customers

You will learn a lot about your as an entrepreneur or marketing manager, it is critical that you understand your customers and their motivations for landing on your site.

During the CRO process, we take the time to observe the behavior of users as they navigate the site; we try to identify where they are stagnating on the site and understand what they are looking for.

Through CRO tools such as heat maps and user session recordings, you will have a better idea of where to improve and where your users are suffering.

You’ll have unique, secret information.

Many of your competitors are probably already optimizing their conversion rate.

If they haven’t started yet, they’ll start soon. Competitors can easily analyze your store to find out what you are doing for search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing.

But when it comes to CRO, it’s a completely different story.

When you optimize your site, you’re not just doing one thing. It is a combination of all kinds of tasks that play a role in this process. Your competitor will not be able to discover how he is optimizing your pages.

Better yet, if he copies you without knowing why you made a change, it may make things worse for him. The CRO becomes a secret weapon because you are working with data related to your specific environment.

CRO spies
They’re watching you..


The pairing (yes, I like wine) between PPC and CRO is ideal as it allows us:

  • Effectively control our investment in PPC campaigns ROI improves.
  • Reduce traffic acquisition and conversion costs CPA is controlled.
  • Increase sales or leads.
  • Improve the experience of our customers.
  • More intimate and accurate knowledge of your customers
  • Data-driven decision-making. F**ck opinions!

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