Success story

the brand of personalization professionals and enthusiasts


Brildor is the undisputed leader in the sales of personalization products. Its extensive catalogue covers all the needs of both companies and individuals engaged in personalization, sublimation and crafts among other activities.

With more than 100,000 subscribers on Youtube,its reputation for excellence, professionalism and seriousness has spread beyond our borders.

1 | CRO Audit – Identifying frictions

Brildor’s management team was interested in further developing their knowledge of their clients and their e-commerce, in order to improve not only their conversion rate, but also other aspects of their activities.

Our team has given you a full report at the end of a very interesting CRO audit.

From heuristic analysis, to Google Analytics auditing, session recordings, to survey analysis of its users, we were able to obtain valuable data.

2 | Conversion Optimization

Our team is responsible for a CRO audit. After doing an audit of your Google Analytics account and making the necessary changes to get trusted data, we start with the google account itself CRO analysis.

From surveys of buyers and visitors, to recordings of sessions, heat maps and heuristic analysis, we were able to propose changes to improve the conversion rate and usability of the page.


More accurate visibility into the strengths of the brand.

Identification of the improvement points of the e-commerce.

More accurate knowledge of customers, their expectations and references.

Proposals to improve e-commerce and marketing actions.

Availability of unique data for short-, medium- and long-term strategic decision-making.

Start improving your ecommerce.